A Broader Portfolio of Products and Services +
An Expanded Team of Dedicated Engineers

In March 2020, BrandSafway finalized the acquisition of AGF Access Group, Inc., including Hydro MobileWinsafe, AGF Access, Jamco Construction, IEQ/Noxxent and Hydro Rents.

Since the acquisition, AGF Access and IEQ/Noxxent have combined with AlumaSafway, while Hydro Rents became Hydro Rents by BrandSafway and Jamco Construction became Jamco Construction by AlumaSafway. Hydro Mobile and Winsafe have retained their names. 

As a combined entity, BrandSafway and AGF Access Group now provide an even wider range of solutions and a greater depth of expertise in mast climbing, suspended solutions, elevators and building maintenance units.


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